Monday, August 13, 2018

Waterfront Safety at Camp Potawotami

At the waterfront we offer canoeing, stand up paddle boarding, kayaking, corcles, pedal boating, swimming, aqua jump, and a pontoon ride. All the activities available at the waterfront are supervised by our lifeguards. Our lifeguards are certified through the American Red Cross. They are trained on performing saves and are always scanning the water to make sure the children remain safe. Not only are they certified through the American Red Cross, but our lifeguards are required to attend a monthly in-service where they practice their skills and prepare them for any situation that might occur at the waterfront. Before the children begin any of the activities at the water front they must complete a swim test. Each child is tested and given a red, yellow, or green band depending on how they do during the swim test. Each band has areas of the water where they are allowed to go. Some bands are restricted from some areas of the water do to their swimming ability. Anyone that chooses boating is required to wear a life jacket. All life jackets are checked by one of our staff members before any child can take a boat out on the lake. A lifeguard is always stationed with the boaters to make sure that all children remain safe on their excursion. Children are also required to wear a life jacket when using the aqua jump. Two lifeguards are stationed at the aqua jump to make sure that all the campers remain safe. The waterfront is our most popular places at camp and we do everything we can to keep it safe for everyone.

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